Mauritania imports from India at Nouakchott port

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Nouakchott port import analysis from India

Nouakchott has been ranked 1 as per imports value from India as it handled 97.306% of the country’s import trade business with roughly US $ 55.3 Million worth of imports in the year 2015.
Nouakchott has handled around US$ 4.8 Million and 443 shipments in the month of Dec 2015. Major Product Imported were under shawls, scarves, mufflers, mantillas, veils and the like, woven fabrics of cotton, with >=85% cotton, but <200g/m2

Top products imported at Nouakchott port Mauritania from India -Jan to Dec-2015

Top products Imported at Nouakchott port Mauritania from India
(Click on Product to shipments details of each product)
2014-2015 Comparison
Jan-Dec 2014 US$ M % Jan-Dec 2015 US$ M % YOY Growth %
MEDICAMENTS OF MIXED OR UNMIXED PRODUCTS, FOR RETAIL SALE 3,736,173 6.9497% 3,453,441 6.23947% -7.0%
=85% COTTON, BUT <200G/M2>WOVEN FABRICS OF COTTON, WITH >=85% COTTON, BUT <200G/M2 19,428,474 36.1392% 16,691,100 30.15648% -14.0%

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Total Nouakchott import Shipment(s) from Jan 2015 to till Date = 443

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