Colombia import export trading ports with India

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Import from India at Colombia custom ports

There have been 5 major ports that have contributed 100% of the total Colombia Export trade to India and 7 major ports that have a contribution of 97.216% of the total Colombia Import trade from India.
Among these, Port N/a have been the largest contributors in terms of value generated through the exports with US $ 600.1 Million respectively is 2015, which is almost 100.0% share of the revenue generated from exports to India combined.
Port Buenaventura and Port Barranquilla were involved in large Import trade commitments with import values of about US $ 489.8 Million and US $ 58.3 Million respectively, which is about 88.67521% share of the revenue generated from imports from india combined.

Colombia port import analysis from India -Jan to Dec-2015

$618.1 Million
87112029-MOTOR CYCLES OTHER $83.1 M 87112029 54023300-TEXTURED YARN OF POLYESTERS $18.4 M 54023300 68022390-GRANITE OTHER $4.6 M 68022390 87089900-OTHERS $2.8 M 87089900 87142090-OTHER PARTS AND ACCESSORIES OF VEHICLES OF HEADING 8711 TO 8713 OF CARRIAGES FOR DISABLED PERSONS $2.4 M 87142090 87149990-OTHERS $2.2 M 87149990
Colombia's top import items
Colombia Ports Imports
(US$ M)
Import % Import from India to Colombia- detailed product wise breakup at Colombia ports
Buenaventura 489.8 79.24 Buenaventura Import Data
Barranquilla 58.3 9.44 Barranquilla Import Data
Puerto Limon 32.0 5.18 Puerto Limon Import Data
Santa Marta 6.4 1.04 Santa Marta Import Data
Medellin 6.1 0.99 Medellin Import Data
Cali 5.9 0.95 Cali Import Data
Yerevan 2.6 0.42 Yerevan Import Data
Puerto Carenero 0.0 0 Puerto Carenero Import Data