Azerbaijan import export trading ports with India

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Import from India at Azerbaijan custom ports

There have been 5 major ports that have contributed 100% of the total Azerbaijan Export trade to India and 7 major ports that have a contribution of 100% of the total Azerbaijan Import trade from India.
Among these, Port N/a have been the largest contributors in terms of value generated through the exports with US $ 145.0 Million respectively is 2015, which is almost 100.0% share of the revenue generated from exports to India combined.
Port Baku and Port Gyandzha were involved in large Import trade commitments with import values of about US $ 22.8 Million and US $ 64.1 Thousand respectively, which is about 99.73337% share of the revenue generated from imports from india combined.

Azerbaijan port import analysis from India -Jan to Dec-2015

$22.9 Million
Azerbaijan's top import items
Azerbaijan Ports Imports
(US$ M)
Import % Import from India to Azerbaijan- detailed product wise breakup at Azerbaijan ports
Baku 22.8 99.45 Baku Import Data